SONIC LINE® is constantly trying to offer a variety of products that strive to meet the needs and aspirations of the consumers.

From very sophisticated and technologically advanced items to innovative or trendy items, we have a professional expertise in a wide range of audio, electronic and digital devices.

All our products emphasize originality and creativity, while passing through strict quality control examinations to ensure a high standard to all our items.

Our company is ideally located in Belgium the heart of Europe. This geographical situation offers our skilled work force the opportunity to search and analyze what the European consumer wants: unique products that no one else has !

We also provide a complete, one-stop service, with experienced and qualified personnel working with you every step of the way, from design, R & D, mold making, tooling manufacturing, till the products are ready to be imported and delivered to main department stores in any country.

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Avenue du Chateau Jaco 1
1410 Waterloo
Tel +32 2 410 35 22
Fax +32 2 411 86 46.
CE GS Intertek RoHS